Mobile Phones for Social Activism

Mobile Journeys

“An Australian arts initiative dedicated to “exploring the creative potential of mobile devices and to fostering the development of Australian mobile culture” — has launched an interactive artwork and is calling on the public to participate by sending in an image via MMS.
“Imagine a giant mosaic made from 10,000 ’tiles’, each one a photo taken and sent ‘into’ the artwork using a camera-phone by someone hoping to make a difference. It’s an installation artwork that asks you to think about Despair and Hope. It invites you to interact with it and your input affects how the artwork evolves. Plus, by interacting you’re also raising money for Amnesty International Australia.”
The project is a collaboration between TigerSpike and Idea Farm as an “exploration into how mobile phones can be used for social activism. It points the way towards how organisations like Amnesty International could raise funds, awareness and communicate with people in the future”.”


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