First world map of happiness

There’s a fascinating academic (!) called Stefano Zamagni from Harvard and the Universita di Bologna in Italy, who is passionate about the economics of happiness.  He is a great speaker.  If the topic interests you at all and he comes to your community, go!

My understanding:  he points out that happiness increases with wealth only until basic needs are met, and after that, happiness decreases as wealth increases.  He argues that happiness should be factored in to evaluating a country’s success, rather than measuring success exclusively by GDP.

Several months back, ‘happy countries’ ratings made the news, and we heard about the very cheery people in Scandanavia, particularly Denmark.  What’s interesting, and perhaps about to become quite controversial, is that the first-ever World Map of Happiness has now been released.  This is it below, and more red equals more happy.  More happy info here.

first World Map of Happiness

Adrian White, Analytic Social Psychologist, University of Leicester

I am curious what Dr. Zamagni’s response would be to this.

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