‘Manifesto’ on Web 2.0: useful download

The word ‘manifesto’ makes me think warily of Karl Marx.

But today, while searching for something I came across a while back, didn’t think I’d need, now need and can’t find, I came across a sidebar box in Kris Krug‘s blog (‘Creativity, Change, Culture & Communication’) that looked mildly like an ad:

Web 2.0: Strategies and Lessons for Business Leaders This inclusive manifesto will introduce you to the principles and concepts of Web 2.0, so you can prepare your organization for this technological sea change.

I’m interested in convincing more organizations to expand their communications & PR planning in Web 2.0 areas. And I like the phrase ‘sea change’. So I took a look, and I’m pretty impressed.

It’s the kind of document I might like to forward to people I hope to convince to expand their traditional use of ‘media’ or how they market or publicize. I’d like to say ‘before we meet, it’d be great if everyone reads this’.

It’s a beginner’s introduction to and overview of Web 2.0 without being patronizing or dull. But more than that, it answers the anticipated question “…but why should we care??”

It mentions, and sources, stats – really useful, convincing research – all in one document. And it puts it out there for all, for free. Which is pretty great info-sharing.

I’ve been in situations where I’ve been trying to help shift communications, PR and media strategies in an organization that moves grindingly slowly. At times this feels like I’m explaining the benefits of vehicles, and they are still unconvinced about the benefits of the wheel. I think it’ll be helpful having this simple ‘manifesto’ backing me up or leading the way.

Written by Troy Angrignon and a handful of others, the ‘manifesto’ Web 2.0: Strategies and Lessons for Business Leaders is available through ChangeThis, which originated as an idea of Seth Godin.

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  1. We’re glad that you found the document useful. Stay tuned for a series of follow-up articles on my blog that go into more detail on how to build online communities, and a few other related subjects. Thanks for reading. I’ll pass your comments along to the team.


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