Radio interview: do NGOs get in the way of lifting people out of poverty?

Received info on this from the Incommunicado mailing list.

Listen online:
BBC World Service radio debate about international NGO accountability, with the two sides of the debate amounting to business vs. NGOs. The show is World Business Review, so the angle on this debate is particularly focused on business challenging the NGOs.

From the BBC blurb:

Non-Governmental organisations — or NGOs — do they exercise too much power with too little responsibility?

Now some NGOs — particularly those which claim to be raising people out of poverty — are being asked to prove how much they contribute towards this aim. They’re also being criticised for attacking business…. for failing to see how enterprise can improve the lives of the poor.

BBC World Service radio host Sally Hardcastle discusses the influence of NGOs with Adam Lerrick, an economist at the American Enterprise Institute, John Hilary from the UK NGO charity War on Want and Kurt Hoffman director of the Shell Foundation.

Listen here.

Would be interesting to know what kind of responses they had to this programme, from listeners on both sides of the issue, and particularly from people who live in the poor countries that are being discussed.

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