Want less gas in your tank, and more money in your wallet?

This is an interesting video presentation, done at Google HQ, about ethanol. Bet you’re thinking that’s a bit of an oxymoron – “interesting” and “about ethanol”.

The Google folk seem to concentrate most of all when the speaker – billionaire Vinod Khosla – talks about how much money they could be keeping in their wallets … Filling up (c) FreeFoto.com and how some cars now can use this fuel, and their owners don’t know it (anyone drive a Taurus?).

Check if your car is on the list. Wheat (c) FreeFoto.com

The press have picked up on the biofuel (eg. Dateline NBC ). Not everyone agrees that ethanol is a good investment. Some say biodiesel is a better bet. And sometimes, Khosla ends up debating with ‘a relatively hostile audience’.

But increasing it is. Just this week, China‘s announced plans to boost its ethanol output, in Canada, Husky Energy confirmed it will soon be opening its second production plant, and stock traders were murmuring about the biofuel. Next year at the Indy in Iowa, racecars will be running on ethanol.


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