And sometimes, free speech can do harm.


There’s been a fair bit of media coverage here and there about the role of hate radio in Rwanda (radio station Radio Television Libre des Mille Collines) in inciting the ethnic violence that led to genocide.

The tough question, the blurry line, the slippery slope: at what stage should censorship have shut the station down?

I just came across an interesting, new-this-summer report from London School of Economics, called ‘Why templates for media development do not work in crisis states“.

The authors basically argue that free media can make a situation worse.

An excerpt from the press release:

“…it may…be misguided and potentially dangerous to assume that encouraging the creation of free and independent media will automatically strengthen civil society…”

This article includes some recommendations from the LSE report.

An article in The Guardian calls the report fascinating, and says it is a serious challenge to traditional views.

The report is worth a look.

photo by teigan

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