You have a right to get the stories of your community on TV

Caring for Communities, show logo

Neat example of a nonprofit creating a TV show, rather than pitching shows for media coverage:

Caring for Communities, a program dedicated to giving voice to volunteers, organizations and donors working to strengthen communities across British Columbia.

The show broadcasts at 10pm Wed eve’s (not a bad airtime), with three repeat broadcasts a week.  It’s also available in entirety online, which is great.

Caring for Communities broadcasts are also available online ~ you can watch recent episodes anytime! Visit

What they want the series to include:

  • Volunteers share their stories, which in turn will show us all how we can make a valuable contribution to our communities;
  • How Vancouver Foundation Grants are supporting not-for-profit organizations;
  • How individuals, families and corporations are strengthening communities;
  • Interesting facts about community foundations and the not-for-profit sector.

The Vancouver Foundation funds nonprofits.  The TV series tells the stories within those nonprofit groups, and the series is co-sponsored (‘presented by’) by the Foundation, and Shaw TV – the local cable channel that carries it.   My guess is that the Foundation develops and lines up the stories, and Shaw contributes the producers, crew, and production facilities.  I imagine too that the idea for the series originated with the Foundation – and it’s a great PR idea.  I tried to call to confirm these, but those that know were still on holidays.  I’ll be interested to learn how the arrangement is structured, and how the series came to be.

It would be great to see this model used by other nonprofit umbrella groups, and pitched as a TV series to their local community cable channels.  In Canada, those channels are obligated to give access to the airwaves to the local community – a fact most folks don’t know.  It would be interesting to hear if this is similar in other countries?

Perhaps the organization Community Foundations of Canada could put a template TV series proposal together, and make it available for community foundations to use in pitching their local cable channels.

This is the list of the show’s archives, which gives you a sense of the range of nonprofits profiled.

One comment

  1. What an excellent idea. Often I see people who have entertained the thought of volunteering in some form but never found an organization to follow up with. At the same time most are happy to offer their services when approached by a non-profit. I know the owners of a video production here in Louisville KY that would would likely assist in getting something similar off the ground here. It’s the perfect way to offer one more source of information about what organizations are out there, what they do and how someone can help.


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