Social marketing campaigns about racial tolerance, diversity acceptance, multiculturalism promotion

The social marketing email list is such an amazing resource: really helpful, peer-supportive information-sharing network for people who work, teach, research or are interested in the field.

Recently, I posted a question, that went out as email to people who’d signed up on the list. I asked whether anyone was aware of any campaigns that aimed to improve ethnic/racial harmony within a community (a secondary question looked for international examples from countries in conflict/crisis).

Some people answered me directly, and quite a number asked me to post a summary of the responses I received. I wrote a summary of those really interesting responses to the list, and was also going to post it here to make the resources more widely available. Then Craig Lefebvre reminded me about the social marketing wiki – another great community resource – and so I have posted it there*.

It’s worth a look* if the issue interests you – there were responses, campaign details and links from North America to Australia to Costa Rica to Spain.

If you find it useful, please do add in any information you may be aware of about any social marketing campaigns to do with intercultural harmony promotion. If you are aware of campaigns or other useful info related to these issues but not really linked to social marketing, please do get in touch. I’d value any related information, from a practitioner or academic perspective.

I have not managed to find a similar list/wiki for the development communication community. I think it would be a tremendous resource: an open discussion email list where anyone can ask a question on any topic at any time, and anyone can answer it. If anyone knows of such a forum, I’d really appreciate it if you’d let me know.

Meantime, if social marketing is of interest to you, I highly recommend the wonderfully helpful email list. This is how to join the community:

Anyone interested in social marketing should subscribe to this list started by Georgetown professor, Dr. Alan Andreasen, of the Social Marketing Institute. The listserv is a forum for talking about social marketing research, practice, and teaching. To join, subscribe to through email and type subscribe soc-mktg in the message body.

(*If you have any difficulty getting to this content via the link, try here.)

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