Do you email press releases? Cuz some journalists sure hate that.

Fax machines are still pretty important in many newsrooms, in terms of receiving press releases, and spewing potential leads to take in to story meetings. I pretty much never use them any more. I never really thought twice about emailing media. But now, I will.

This is one more reason why organizations can’t be on the sidelines with new media trends, deciding they’ll catch up once all the fuss and novelties die down. If you, person who runs an organization, have a website that you update with new information, events or announcements, you need to have a feed for your site. That way journalists and producers under crazy deadlines can quickly scan new info from a number of sources, and decide which to read further … instead of not reading email, feeling annoyance toward your organization, and hitting ‘this is spam’.

I should point out that my blog has a feed, but my company site (which desperately needs to be updated) doesn’t.

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  1. Hi. Glad you found my article useful.

    Honestly, I don’t know why more organizations don’t simply incorporate a blogging tool into their site and use it to post news and other announcements. Blogging tools are incredibly flexible, and you can use them just as a back-end content management system. Then you can take the feed from the blog and use it to publish content in your templates to your site — so it doesn’t even have to look like a “blog” or be on a separate site.

    Then you’d get a feed (because every blogging tool has a built-in feed) plus other handy features like categorization and more.

    Plus it would be a whole lot easier to publish your news in a timely way — and get the word to spread faster and wider — than the way most organizations currently post to the web.

    But if can’t do that or find some other way to offer a feed, please please please offer an opt-in e-mail alert form on your site — and make sure every message that goes out on that list includes a one-click link to unsubscribe.


    – Amy Gahran

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