Funding available for intergalactic project ideas at the intersection of journalism, new technology, and community building

I remember reading, back a few months, comments from someone with the Knight Foundation. It was a tease, that sometime this fall there would be a significant announcement about a great new project offering significant funding. More info just came in from the digital divide mailing list:

The Knight Foundation has unveiled its plan to spend up to $25 million
over the next 5 years to develop innovations in journalism, uses of new
technology, and community building.

The first round of ideas is due by Dec. 31 for funding next year.

Here is a link to the news release and one to the site for the competition.

The press release didn’t specify geographic restrictions for applicants, and the FAQ just mentioned that it was not restricted to US citizens only, but I emailed to make certain that worldwide applicants can be candidates. Email response I received said “International, Lisa. Intergalactic.” !

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