Anonymous blogging – ‘he who aches the most, screams the loudest’

One of the clearest blog posts with the how-to and the background info on how to go about anonymous blogging, for people who want to tell the truth where doing so puts their personal safety at risk.

Ethan Zuckerman:

…My heart’s in Accra » Anonymous Blogging with WordPress and Tor

Elsewhere, Reporters Sans Frontieres also has a really helpful Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents.

Also worth a look – blog awards – 60 international blogs that in some way defend freedom of expression – the Freedom Blog Awards.

This all reminds me of a newspaper article I read a while back. Can’t remember where it was, but it must be here somewhere as it hit me strongly, and I know I cut it out. It was about blogging in Africa, and in particular, in the Congo. The writer asked a Congolese blogger why he felt that there was so much more blogging activity in his country than in surrounding countries. His reply: “he who aches the most screams the loudest”.

Another good piece about that blogger here – in an interview on Global Voices.

Update Oct 21:

Also check out the Anoniblogging Wiki.  In addition to English, it includes anonymous blogging guides in Persian, Arabic and Chinese.

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  1. The Global Voices interview and the mysterious article where he said “He who hurts the most screams the loudest” are one and the same, just so you know. I conducted the interview for GV in March of this year. Glad to see it is still being quoted!

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