Opinions on charities: what do Canadians say?

The Muttart Foundation has released “Talking About Charities 2006”  – a quite interesting report, about Canadians’ opinions on charities, and issues to do with charities. 

For the most part Canadians trust charities, but they think that in the communications area, charities are not performing well.    

Hospitals are the most trusted charities, with 88% of people feeling positively. 

International development organizations are trusted least of all – 43% of survey respondents didn’t trust them at all, or didn’t trust them much.

The report can be downloaded here.

Here’s an interesting, I think related, note:

The UK  organization Mango has launched their Who Counts campaign.   It encourages NGO staff to give their financial reporting to their beneficiaries:

…so that the communities we work with can see how the money that aims to help them is spent. Using this information beneficiaries can make sure that funds are spent on their real priorities.

 The program has now been piloted in several countries, and those case studies are available. 

It’s not yet completely transparent – Ockenden International is one NGO trying it out, and the project in Afghanistan chose not to release details of staff salaries – but the inclusiveness of the initiative is innovative, and to be commended. 

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