Mobile media production training

Further to earlier thoughts here about producing media in community-based organizations and one potential way to try to fund such an initiative, an idea to do with training.

If grassroots groups were to apply for media equipment funding, or to band together and apply together for media equipment for various community groups in a region/country, how then might they get media training?

In Quebec, the French-speaking province in Canada, a major initiative was launched for and with Aboriginal youth.  Called Wapikoni Mobile, it’s a motorized film training and production studio that visits First Nations communities to give young people an opportunity to participate in video and Internet workshops. 

It was a Quebec filmmaker, Manon Barbeau, who developed the idea in 2002:  to teach First Nations youth in rural communities how to use digital technology, develop scripts, produce, and ultimately, tell their own stories and film their own vision of things in the world.

The truck hit the road in 2004, spending about a month in each of six Algonquin and Atikamekw communities.  In 2005, an Innu community was added.  

Eighty short films have been produced by First Nations youth in the program so far, and they can be viewed here.

As well as live workshop training, there are web workshops that also allow students to interact with other online participants. 

The Mobile team are experienced filmmakers, and the mobile is equipped with digital cameras, editing units, a screening room, a sound studio, an exterior projector and an internet connection.

At some stage, I want to build a brainstorming list here, of potential organizations and foundations I think would be open to considering funding community-based mobile media production studios, giving people access to a voice.

Meantime, if you have any ideas or want to start on the list, jump in.

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