The List: Canada’s MarComm bloggers

I had a cousin who wanted to train herself to need only three hours of sleep a night, so that her days could be more productive.

Sean Moffitt, blogger Buzz Canuck, must have trained himself along a similar regimen. His research in uncovering Canada’s 1% Blogging Army, must have taken a significant amount of dusk-til-dawn time commitment.

It’s quite an exciting find  (and I’m not just saying it because I’m listed there!).

Information-sharing, and communities that share knowledge, are among my favourite things, and I love learning (see philomath), so to me, this list is equivalent to what a freezer-full of Toblerone must be to a chocoholic.

He decided he would visit and categorize every marketing communications blog in the country.

He categorizes this website as ‘social media’, and with the summary ‘Nonprofit Social Media Activist’.

As for the “1%” ? Here’s how he explains:

Posted here previously, outlined by both Jackie Huba in her new book Citizen Marketers and validated by companies like Yahoo, Harley Davidson and Wikipedia (and certainly embraced by my company Agent Wildfire), in every audience of 100 people, you find 80 people who pretty much stay to themselves, 20 percent who browse, consume and talk about things when asked, 10% who actively go out of their way to talk with others, investigate and have an intellectual curiousity (these people comment frequently on blogs) and then, a special 1% who create content, who lead opinion and who influence through their insight and collaboration with others.

I’ve spent a couple of hours exploring this vast network so far, but there is much much more value here, and I’ll be back.

After this monumental task, he went on to build a wiki so that the network of Canadian marcomm blogs can continue to expand.

I have also not yet checked out his Power 150 post on the Top 150 American MARCOM bloggers.

That will be down the road a bit: I still need more than three hours a night.

One comment

  1. Lisa,

    Thanks for your kind words….your right about sleep deprivation…an unfortunate hangover from my days when I used to pull all-nighters in university and work at P&G earlier in my career. Don’t overload on the blog toblerone – bad on dental work and creates artificial sugar highs….cheers

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