UNEP CD-ROM on sustainability communications

The United Nations Environment Programme has just launched Sustainability Communications – A Toolkit for Marketing and Advertising Courses.

Fully downloadable, or viewable online,  at http://www.unep.fr/sustain/advertising/events_specifics/Education%20Kit_EN.htm.

This CD-ROM has been produced by the United Nations Environment Programme in partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development and the International Association of Universities, with financial support from Ministry of the Environment of Sweden.

The toolkit aims to:

(1)  Demonstrate and analyze the business case and the marketing and communications potential of sustainable development in the framework of corporate social and environmental responsibility.

(2) Allow the current and future marketing and communication professionals to become fully aware of the key role they can and should play by responding to new consumer demand for sustainability through the promotion of sustainable products and services.

(3)  Provide the necessary tools to develop both effective corporate communications strategies that build confidence in greener brands and powerful marketing campaigns on sustainable goods.

Contents of the CD-ROM
The main topics addressed in this CD-ROM are the following:
Ø      Sustainable development: ethics and social practices
Ø      The economic and social context for sustainability communications
Ø      The practice of sustainability communications: from innovation to risk
Ø      Practices and exercises in marketing and communication
Ø      Analysis of various public and private campaigns around the world
Ø      Resources: documents, web links, bibliographies, etc.

Target audience
This CD-ROM is aimed at higher education professors training tomorrow’s marketing, advertising and communication managers.


The CD-ROM will be disseminated through various international educational networks, such as UNESCO, the International Association of Universities, the UN Global Compact academia network, the accredited institutes of the International Advertising Association and the university marketing courses endorsed by the European Association of Communications Agencies. Moreover, the CD-ROM will be advertised among media (print and online) specialized in education, marketing or sustainable development as well as among numerous university newsletters.

Creative Gallery on Sustainability Communications at: http://www.unep.fr/sustain/advertising/ads.htm

One comment

  1. Hello! Im Chay Dionco from the Communication and Advocacy Program of NEDA. How can I avail of a copy of this CD-ROM? Thanks.

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