UN seeks online volunteers to help with international database on corporate social responsibility

An opportunity to get involved in the United Nations’ Corporate Citizenship Initiative

The UN Global Compact aims to be – claims to be – the largest Corporate Citizenship initiative in the world. It’s a bit like the Kyoto of BSR/CSR: executives of large international organizations are asked to sign on to specific social responsibility commitments.

Currently, the United Nations folks spearheading this initiative are seeking online volunteers committed to help the UN, learn about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and receive some useful career, resume, and citizen benefits.

Currently, the UN Global Compact is supported by over 4000 participants in over 100 countries, which organizers say makes it the world’s largest corporate citizenship initiative aiming for a more sustainable and inclusive world economy. It includes influential companies, such as Coca Cola, Levi Strauss, Nestlé, and Microsoft.

Companies from all over the world report their progress on implementing the 10 Global Compact principles. Presently, there are over 2000 so-called “Communication on Progress” (COP) reports. The United Nations needs volunteer support to review and tag these COPs in order to build a fully searchable database. Each review takes about 30 minutes.

Why take part?

  • For starters, the intersection of UN and Corporate Social Responsibility is an impressive point on a resume (they also offer a Certificate of Participation after completing 25 COP reviews, and a ‘personal Letter of Appreciation’ by reviewing more than 50 COPs).
  • Many PR types are still new to ‘corporate social responsibility’, and have yet to learn about the potentially-blurry line between ingraining social responsibility into business plans, and ‘greenwashing‘ – a spin sin that can really wipe out consumer trust.
  • Informed citizens, investors and civil society organizations can become better-informed in holding businesses to account.
  • It could place you on the leading edge of information about what companies around the world are doing for sustainable development.

Participate now at: www.unglobalcompact.org/COP/Wiki

For any questions you can contact Jürgen Nagler at the UN Global Compact Office: nagler [at] un [dot] org.


  1. This is an important project, and it’s good you posted it. I’ve placed a link to this blog on my website – wwww.investingforthesoul.com – which offers ethical investing services and news. Have a look at it. I welcome any comments.

    Best wishes, Ron Robins, Founder and Analyst, Investing for the Soul

  2. Interesting post. I wonder whether companies don’t use CSR as window-dressing…when it is convenient for them. Hence I think the movement should not be a substitute for government regulation. I write about this at: thhttp://euandus3.wordpress.com/2009/10/25/corporate-social-responsibility/

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