Like a Google Maps of cycling: sort route by hilly-ness, traffic density, most vegetation

I came across this link via one of those tangential internet searches that should take a minute and ends up at several hours.   Starting from ‘how do I spell bi-election?’, an interesting result caught my eye and diverted me to the blog of a fellow called Stephen Rees, then browsing through several pages and their external off-shoots, and eventually to a cool online application that’s sort of like a Google Maps of cycling. 

Choose your starting point, choose your end point, and select how you want your results sorted.  Most vegetation along the route?  Least pollution?  Less of those steep hill climbs?  Least elevation gain overall?  Shortest path?  You got it.

This online application shows the area of Metro Vancouver, Canada, but it seems that the same online application could be used for cities anywhere.

Occasionally I’m on a bike route that is much hillier than a nearby car route, and I have that ‘couldn’t some of the bicycle-urban-planning team be cyclists???’ thought.   This application is designed from the cyclist’s perspective.

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