14 characters … about Mumbai but from around the world

A few Tweets that stand out… the first one below, and there were a number like this, tragically reminiscent of the people handing out flyers with photos of loved ones after 9-11, and then the surge in offers of help…

the last few marking the shift in where news audiences will go when they are no longer willing to get their news delayed from mainstream news outlets.

The last couple of comments, I didn’t catch the names as they sped by.

These were selected tweets, rather than a steady stream all together, but the flow of them, and truly there was about one a second with updates of news many of them on the ground in Mumbai, was astounding.

timothychughes: sorry if repetitive but we are desperate for news of an Italian national woman with an infant in the Oberoi / Trident. Anyone? #mumbai
in Sydney

remambian: #Help_Mumbai #Mumbai -call 922222 1947 and tell them you want to donate blood.They’ll get back to you when someone needs it.
3 minutes ago

xSerenityx: I have never appreciated Twitter in the quite the way I have during these attacks. Thank you all. #mumbai
in Oregon

joycecom: @primaveron totally awesome reports. I am spreading word of you worldwide! #mumbai 381 updates in 11 hours! THAT MY PALS IS NEWS!
In California

In Mumbai

We are all media now

How powerful 14-characters can be

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