Understanding who uses social media … and introducing nonprofits to social networking tools

Excellent Rebecca Leaman post about introducing nonprofits to social networking tools, including stats about social media use like this excerpt:

Perhaps the most useful statistics on social media usage we’ve got at the moment come from two 2008 reports from Rapleaf, here and here. They’ll tell you that MySpace users are younger than those on Facebook, while LinkedIn is geared to those well started on their career path, and so on. The online world changes rapidly, however, so the picture painted by any statistical report will already be slightly out-dated by the time the numbers are crunched — you may notice that Twitter was not mentioned in the Rapleaf assessments, for example, yet that micro-blogging website is now indisputably one of the leading social media websites. Round out your research with some of the other resources from Aaron Uhrmacher’s How to Find Statistics on Social Media and the extensive Social Networking Research section at eMarketer.com

Next we’re looking for some before/after dollar figures – the return on investment for organizations getting into social media. And case studies with specific stories about positive results in social capital.

Definitely check out her Wild Apricot blog to read the rest of this post.

Thx for the lead goes to nptechblogs

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