Social media use bumped up in Canada’s national politics

Social media makes things possible at tremendous speed.

Things are all a-flutter in Canadian federal politics. Enemy political parties have formed a historic coalition to drive a policy through and, if necessary, oust the Prime Minister. They are organizing huge events in just a few days, though they’re intended for tons of people across the country. It’s tomorrow, in fact. This feat, arguably, just wouldn’t be possible with traditional media and web 1.0 tools.

The whole crisis political situation has escalated rather quickly, so moving fast became critical.  Twitter has been sweeping up a whole other generation into political engagement.   Which is pretty exciting.

So the opposition parties registered as a new domain, and are calling people to tomorrow’s cross-country rallies via RSVPs on Facebook. They also offer blog badges and window signs as downloads, an online petition, and comments submissions (with, unfortunately, no number counter).

This is the first time I remember seeing a political action in which Facebook plays such a critical role. The Coalition for Change website leaps further in its commitment to social media, with a YouTube video in key placement on their homepage.facebook

At this point 12,111 people have joined the Coalition for Change Facebook group, and over 700 people have added their comments. You don’t often see the comments of 700 Canadians about an issue, in one place. I am curious to see how much the comments will be moderated. Right now, they include interesting opinions that dig into critical thinking as well as the ‘fuck you’ / ‘no, fuck you’ / ‘you’re all idiots’ contributions.

In the few minutes it took me to finish that last paragraph and check the post, the Coalition’s group membership shot up to 12, 990. That raises my eyebrows.

It’ll be interesting to see how it has shifted tomorrow.

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