In less than two days: GEAR champions boldness and swiftness for a strong new United Nations agency for women’s rights

The United Nations is undergoing a historic reform process that has the potential to change women’s rights all over the world.

Individuals everywhere, unsettled by appalling news stories about human rights abuses against women, are adding their names to a global list that will be presented to the President of the United Nations in two days.

These individuals, not all active in civil society, have heard too many disturbing examples of human rights not applying equally to women.   One small act they can do – in hundreds, in thousands – they can add their names to a global call pushing for strong action against such disturbing global injustices.

Over the last four years, hundreds of civil society organizations from all over the world have been working together as the global GEAR Campaign (Gender Equality Architecture Reform).  They are pressing national governments and the UN Secretariat to improve the UN’s work by consolidating the existing UN gender equality bodies into a single strong entity.

It’s critical that the process not get swamped and stalled by bureaucracy, and – as United Nations Member States negotiate about the creation of the new gender equality entity – that compromise not neutralize the new agency until it lacks the teeth to affect any change at all.

GEAR is gathering signatures of individuals from all parts of the globe, together asking the UN to hold firm and to move quickly. GEAR will present this collective call: create a new, strong, and well-resourced United Nations agency, so that the reform of the current UN gender equality architecture will have a truly transformative outcome.

It’s been four years.

The GEAR Campaign delivers the global petition to the United Nations in two days.

Consider adding your own name to this call for change:

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