Resources for Project Evaluation

October 2010 update – a few new finds:

Virtual Change: Indicators for Assessing the Impact of ICTs in Development
by Warren Feek, The Communication Initiative
Published by United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)
How do we measure the impact of information and communication technology (ICT)-based social change interventions, and within which framework would those indicators work?

“Process Is Powerful: planning and evaluation for media activists”
A practical guide to methods and tools that can help strengthen the movement to advance media justice. By Center for International Media Action (CIMA/USA).

Increasingly for not-for-profits and third sector organizations, measurement and evaluation are critical for ongoing funding or increased funding.  It doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking and it doesn’t have to be an ordeal.  But it does have to be part of the initial planning.

Here’s one collection in what will be an occasional series identifying resources that help to simplify and clarify systems to help that your project is effective.

These links below are from the UK’s MediaBox, a fund and a support organization for community media initiatives by disadvantaged youth:

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