Climbing the walls: the crazy canvases of Hotel Fox, Copenhagen

By the hotel lobby desk, I notice that what was a large expanse of white wall with frame design around it by day, now was displaying video projection of a film loop of – well you’d have to call it erotica.

Men and women, on the floor, in bras and underwear, moving around, all very languidly.   Wall designed to be canvas, video projection as paint, soft porn as the images, by the lobby check-in desk.  No mistaking this for a Howard Johnson Hotel.

I mistook the minimalist hip decor of the lobby as construction in progress.

The hotel itself is an art gallery, and the rooms, the works of art.   To the side of each door is the name of the piece, the names and country of residence of the artists who created it, and a bit of its background story.   The theme of the room begins at the door. [Photo by jkob]



The art continues on not just the walls, but the bedspreads, the carpet, the curtains, the ceiling, the furniture,

even in some rooms the fixtures. [Photo by jkob].


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