Free publications: how-to guides for green festivals, green events & green meetings

From Canadian Community Economic Development Network, how-to guides to plan environmentally responsible meetings, festivals and events.  Download from CED.

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Climate change communication: a short-term free offer ’til Oct. 15

Although open-access journals are growing in numbers, far far too many journals are not open, and as a result too much research is inaccessible to those who could actually use it in practice.   Subscriptions are often several hundreds of dollars – and that’s often just a single subscription price, for one year to a single journal.

Evidence isn’t always groundbreaking, but often – very often – reading journals across disciplines can generate lightbulb after lightbulb with possibilities for how research from unexpected fields could be put to practical use on projects.  Accessing information from the ‘locked’ journals from a range of faculties or disciplines for me often results in these jolts.   There is so much evidence that could improve the effectiveness of PR, marketing, behaviour change communication, community media, citizen participation.   If the information were freely available it could allow organizations, individuals and communities to plan campaigns and programs based on what actually has been proven to work.

So as someone who sees immense value in research, there was a brief pause in breath when I happened to notice that until October 15 2010, just 12 more days, access to Sage Journals Online is free.

Wide. Open. Knowledge. For. Anyone.

Because that’s so little time, I got you started:  here are the results from a search for the most recent research results to do with climate change communication.

Seems I can’t help you with that shortcut.  You do need to register first here (no cost).  Once you’re in, use the search function.

Spread the word for the next week and a half, & dig in.